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Best practices of no-code / low-code governance

As a passionate expert on no-code/low-code solutions and their benefits to organizations, I wanted to share the crucial importance of implementing governance to maximize the benefits of these technologies within companies. No-code/low-code has emerged as a critical enabler of digital transformation, enabling businesses to develop applications quickly, without relying exclusively on traditional development teams. This […]

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🔁 Opensource nocode/lowcode series, episode n°42, Appsmith 🔁

Every week, let’s come back to a feature of an opensource #nocode solution 👉 Focus today on the Appsmith solution and its versioning management Appsmith allows you to make commits on GitHub – or any Git system – , and that’s a real difference❗ That is to say that all the configurations made in nocode with the mouse are transcribed into files,

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Multi-steps form with Budibase

🔙 [BLOG] Budibase is an open-source no-code solution to make web applications First application you might want to make, a complex form, with sequences between inputs, and with conditional rules. That’s good, Budibase allows you to create this type of multi-step form completely in nocode, including very suitable components like “steps” and “conditions” Let’s see

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Budibase is a no-code open-source solution to create web applications. The user interface is very intuitive, data can be created locally or read from an external database, and the available components allow complex displays, even with conditional elements. As a last resort it is also possible to use plugins which may be page components with

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Appsmith and Baserow the open-source low-code couple – page 1

1/ Appsmith 🔙 [BLOG] Appsmith is an open-source, low-code solution for building internal applications. And Baserow, an open-source no-code solution to replace traditional databases or shared Excel files, an alternative to Airtable. Let’s see below how to create a lead creation form in Appsmith, with validation rules, conditional displays, and also saving the data in

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Version Management with Bubble

Or how to guarantee the stable development of your application Version management is a crucial component of software development. It allows you to monitor the developments of your application, manage changes, correct bugs and guarantee the stability of the final product. Bubble, the visual development platform, offers tools and features to make versioning your app

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