5 open source alternatives to Airtable

Opensource the best of no-code ❗

Take for example Airtable, a well-known no-code solution, very practical for managing structured data, sharing it and even making applications to replace shared Excel files.

But with a price per user limiting its use, and only available in SaaS in the face of GDPR and privacy issues, what should you choose?

➡ well here are 5 top #opensource alternatives to Airtable!💪 🚀


Based in the Netherlands, Baserow is an opensource solution with a very intuitive interface.

Baserow is designed to scale and manage large volumes of data, in particular thanks to the embedded PostgreSQL database which is completely hidden from the user.

It is possible to create simple forms, but also Kanban, calendar, etc. views.

Rights management allows restrictions by role (Advanced) and we will appreciate the history of modifications, practical in a collaborative mode.

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Nocodb is American and is intended to be as easy to access as a spreadsheet

Very practical, the Airtable import function allows you to migrate to Nocodb in a few minutes

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Running only in the Google GCP Cloud, Rowy presents a nocode interface for managing and displaying data in Firebase (still on GCP).

Rowy also allows you to create APIs and deploy a backend for your applications.

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A slightly less intuitive but equally powerful nocode database, Nocobase allows you to create applications with block logic to be arranged on the page, but also navigation menus.

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Budibase was born in Belfast and allows you to create tables in nocode, an advanced frontend for creating real web applications and also the necessary automations.

We will appreciate stepforms for creating step-by-step forms, even complex ones, in a few clicks.

As well as the containers which allow you to do all the formatting you wish.

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