Open Source No-Code / Low-Code Solutions Guide

Open source solutions provide several advantages,
such as financial accessibility,
independence in hosting,
and sustainability
compared to SaaS solutions.

No-code / Low-code platforms provide a user-friendly visual environment where developers can drag-and-drop elements to design applications, create automated workflows, and customize user experiences, all without having to write many lines of traditional code .

Open source no-code/low-code solutions are platforms that follow this philosophy, but are accessible and modifiable by the developer community. They offer unparalleled flexibility and customization while being supported by an open code base.

Several low code/no code open source solutions are available, but they are not all equivalent.

The ★ GitHub stars are an indicator of the community around these solutions, but we must also see the growth dynamics, the financial strength of the publisher/association, and the geographical proximity.

Host it anywhere

Free to deploy


AppsmithBudibase – Convertigo – Baserow – Odoo – Vision

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