Baserow the Airtable open source alternative

A no-code database

Baserow is a no-code open source database, allowing you to create any structure simply, without technical knowledge, with a simple and intuitive web interface. Then share your data in web mode, in table mode or with forms. Or expose it via a secure native API for use by other applications.

The fields are already typed and preconfigured to be used directly: email, telephone, user note, … no need to know validation rules or regular expressions, it’s already ready to use.

Table view to add fields or fill lines
Form linked to a table
Gallery view to see data as cards that you can organise or update
Kanban view to organise cards (here tasks assigned to a team) by status

Compared to its proprietary competitor Airtable, we will note 2 major advantages: First of all, Baserow uses PostgreSQL for the actual storage of data. A table in Baserow is a table in PostgreSQL. Which is a strong guarantee for your data in terms of business continuity and also in terms of interoperability. Then Baserow is made to scale and manage large volumes. For example, the relationship between 2 tables with a relationship 1 to N does not necessarily store N times the linked object in table 1. Which can be practical when I have thousands of product lines and a category for example.

Business continuity

One of the strong arguments for an open source choice for a database is the question of “business continuity”. What happens if the chosen solution stops all activity and you have made several applications that use it. Can you collect and host it yourself? Is the installation simple or complex? What skills does it require for maintenance?

Host it anywhere

Baserow is available on the editor’s SaaS, and can be installed anywhere, on premise or in a public cloud.

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