Vision the no-code for a limitless application

Vision, created by Algotech, is a full no-code solution for creating complete applications.

The publisher of Vision is French, all of its teams are located in France, partly in the Basque Country, in Bidart.

The nocode studio is powerful, and unlike other solutions, will allow you to create any application, including complex applications.

Accessible to non-IT professionals, Vision provides the productivity of no-code, with its productivity gains of x5 or even x10, and the power of a very complete platform, to create real business applications.

Note that the switch to open source is very recent, which explains the Github stars. But the power of its no-code studio and a little evangelization will allow it to be widely distributed.

>> Database design

Through the Modeler, the nocoder (or nokoder? 🙂 can create his tables and define the links between the tables.

Everything is done with the mouse.

Note that it is possible to manage group rights on tables (read/write) and also at table field level.

Open Source Guide

Learning curve

Vision – database Modeler
Vision – database table view/edit

Screen design

The design of the screens is done in the “Applications” section. You can add pages and within pages, headers/footers, tables, texts, buttons and various shapes.

With a style defined by default and which can be modified at once for the entire application, it goes quickly.

A difference of Vision compared to other solutions is the possibility of defining several states for a component, of managing the displays for each state such as colors or data, and of defining the conditions for each state.

The Tableau component allows you to do a lot of things. It already includes infinite scrolling, practical for large volumes of data. Then, it integrates filter, search, column resizing, modification, … in short, a complete table view. And which respects the user’s rights.

Vision – Application designer

>> SaaS solution and Enterprise Version

The Vision solution can be hosted anywhere: on your servers in your company or in any public cloud.

The publisher also offers a SaaS version, which always has the advantage of simplicity, for running or for updates.

In the Enterprise version, you will be able to benefit from advanced functionalities linked to the operation of the SaaS and fully managed outsourced operation.

Use cases

Vision already has several customers and uses in businesses, with uses particularly in industry and large accounts, such as SNCF, EuroAPI, EDF, etc.


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